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✾ Dancer tested and ready.

✾ Audiolink.

✾Hue shift, hair brightness/saturation, skin slider, dissolve toggles, contacts, species swap, piercing toggles.

✾ Gogo locomotion

✾ DPS / Fancy hotdog

✾ all Poiyomi 8.1.163 - no shader mixes or mixups.

✾ No game rips/TDA.

✾ Custom texture work, scratch assets.

✾ Import VRCSDK3, and Poiyomi 8 before importing the package. (I am not available for technical support, but please feel free to report any issues involving meshes or weight painting issues to me.)

No assets below may be taken for personal or commercial use from the package, you must buy them from the creators first.


  • Base - Ace base - Misty#5555. Tattoo and base skin texture from scratch by me.
  • Head - , ZinPia. Edited by me. Texture edit by me.
  • Hair
  • Shoes, jeans and waist rig - KC
  • Pants - 𝑮𝑬0𝑹𝑮𝑬#7241 Heavily edited by me.
  • Hoodie - Moo - Texture edit and sculpt by me.
  • Ears - Nikkie - Edit by me.
  • Elf ears - BooVR - Edit by me
  • Gogo loco - Franada
  • Skeleton hands and Short hair - Kittyz
  • Claws - Vinuzhka
  • Chains - Meowuw - Edited by me.
  • Eye emission maps - Sivka
  • Choker - Apyr -Heavy edit by me.
  • PP - ScarlettKat
  • Both tails, Horns, Tattoos, all piercings, gloves, skinshirt by me.
  • Unity work by scorchedE.C.H.O#1840 (Thank you. <3)

    By purchasing my assets or avatars, you agree to my Terms of Service and any future changes to them.Do not claim anything on the avatar or the asset as yours. I make everything from scratch.
    Do not make public if it is an avatar, these avatars are for private use only.
    No trading, gifting, or sharing anything you purchase from me.
    If you do not put in your information correctly in the purchase form, you are violating my TOS and I will revoke your access to the asset.

    Any questions? Join my server here.
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62 ratings
I want this!